Can You Hear Me Now?

I am a bad, bad long distance friend. I'm not particularly sterling close up, either, but put a few miles between me and my amigo and I really show my crappy colors. This Christmas, I called nobody to wish them well. Thinking about calling them was about as far as I got. And, in my defense, I thought about it a lot. But that does not change the fact that I am turning friends into enemies all up and down the east coast, with no good explanation at all.

Sure, things are busy with a new baby and various holiday commitments. For the past few weeks, life has been a flurry of breastfeeding; breast pumping; diaper changing; last-minute shopping; chewing on toes (Tolby); rolling over (Tolby again); and grandparent-juggling. But how hard is it to pick up the phone and catch up with people one hasn't seen in a coon's age? It's not. I have no excuse. Nor do I have any justification whatsoever for using the term "coon's age." Blessed are those who forgive. They will never lack opportunity to be holy as long as I'm around.

So please excuse me if I cut this entry short to strap on the ol' headset and go a-callin'. Is that your phone ringing now?


Anonymous dad said...

Yeah, if I didn't live with you, even I wouldn't have gotten a "Merry Christmas."

3:07 PM  

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