Deer Over the Tail Lights

Unrelated to my previous post (except maybe philisophically), I saw a dead stag's head hanging out of the trunk of a car heading south on I-190 in Massachusetts yesterday night. It inspired my gag reflex more than any sense of awe, and I realized again just how important context is. A deer munching on your perennials out back tells a whole different story than a head lolling out of a half-open trunk, ready to impale the next tailgater.

I felt oddly vindicated. Nothing is as awesome as it seems.


Anonymous jlc said...

No thing is as awesome as it seems.
It's the context that inspires awe. Or gagging.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that on Route 2. it was just so disturbing.. mlwooten

4:53 PM  
Anonymous dad said...

Rt 2? No kidding. Because that's where we actually saw it. Binky's navigational skills aren't as fine tuned as her writing. "I-190, Rt 2? Who knows. All I know is it was paved and had lines."

11:48 PM  

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