Diamond is The Girls' Best Friend

From drunken frat boys at the bar (Good times never felt so good! So good! So good!) to elderly women bearing oxygen tanks, there's something about Neil Diamond that really spans the generations. I took my mom to his concert last night as an early Christmas in Worcester, Massachusetts, where thousands of the ugliest individuals east of the Mississippi converged on the DCU Center to watch the sequins fly. I loved it the way I love tourist traps like Wildwood, NJ and parties with the Pimp & Ho theme, all pulsating light, big hair, and bad dressers. He sang America with pictures of Ellis Island playing on all the big screens, and as the last image flashed to the Statue of Liberty holding her torch high above two backdropped towers, I was misty. Trios of women on the waning side of middle age stood up in their seats and held out their arms. In perfect a perfect representation of the audience age disparity, the couple next to me were sporting at least a 30 year age difference. I thought he was her father till I saw her stroking his hand.

All in all, it was not a bad way to spend a Monday night in Worcester with my mom. Based on the variables, that's saying a lot.


Blogger Jene said...

amazing how relationships change over time. :)

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