Chicken Hunting

It seems that the Avian flu virus has claimed several casualties in remote parts of Turkey. By playing monkey-in-the-middle* with chicken carcasses, two Turkish teens unwittingly handed themselves over to death's icy grip as contaminated fowl beset their homeland. Now, I realize that every situation must be analyzed in its own cultural context, and that one child's Nintendo DS is another child's severed chicken head, but some things really just make you go hmmmm.

We live in a global society now, but, in the grand scheme of things, very few of us think that way. The world over, regular people are concerned with their regular lives and the regular ramifications of their regular actions. Here in northeastern CT, I am consumed by my daughter's explosive poops and their effect on the laundry. In Turkey, mothers must now worry that their children may be exposed to Avian flu-infected chicken feces while playing in dirt. But if that Avian flu merges with a human flu strain and mutates into something easily transmissable from person-to-person, it's a concern that will come home to roost in the lives of families the world over.

We are American mothers, and it is frightening to think of things in such a large context and humbling to sense our complete lack of control. As AIDS ravages Africa, we feel helpless; as the Avian flu crawls westward, we are scared. It's no longer enough to watch neurotically as our kids wander their neighborhoods or go on play dates across town. Now we must set our sights wider as civilization closes in on a one-world landscape that leaves these babies vulnerable to the kind of boo-boo a kiss and a Band-Aid won't fix.

*Or some variation thereof


Blogger Lauren said...

It seems obvious that turkey would get the bird flu... :)

2:10 AM  
Blogger Alisyn said...

Hey! You are ME!

I found your blog via Girl's Gone Child.. I'm a SAHM with a girl (and a back-up kid, too) and a Staffordshire terrier. Alright!

I love your daughter's name, by the way. Really cute.


11:39 AM  

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