Food For Thought

Tolby turns 6 months tomorrow, which means two things of note:

1) Time goes by too freakin' fast


2) I really need to start feeding her solids.

The fact that I haven't started her on the latter (#2) is that I am so freaked out by the former (#1) that I want her to remain infantile as long as possible. Not carnival-sideshow long, but I want to buy myself as much time as I can get away with without displeasing the medical community or the grandparents. Ever since she was born, the comedy/action/adventure/drama of our lives has been on fast forward, leaving me with no time to sit back and relish the show. Yet I know how important it is to do just that. Somehow, holding off on the rice cereal and the pureed turkey dinner makes me feel like I can get away with freeze-framing the simplicity of her newborn-ness just a little longer. Even though her attention span is not as wide as one breast and half the time she'd rather stare at the white ceiling than eat, I hug her close to my chest and rub her silky hand, knowing she won't always be that soft and she won't long be so huggable.

Before Tolby, there was a time when I'd think things were moving too slowly and the tick-tock of the clock was interminable. Even while I was in labor with her, it was that sluggish fetal heartbeat that caused my midwife so much concern. I remember the impatience of my previous life and, though I don't miss it, it left me ill-prepared for the dazzling speeds of my new world, where there's no going back and there's no slowing down.


Anonymous dad said...

Not only that, but solids make for stinky dookies. I'm not interested in changing that. The longer she breastfeeds, the less stench I have to deal with.

7:56 PM  
Blogger The Happy Housewife said...

Everyone is too quick to move childhood on apace. Mothers compete about how quickly their children went on to solids - Tolby will let you know when she needs more than Mama's milk - don't listen to the critics - you and her will find your own pace... Good luck!

6:44 AM  

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