If I Can Make It Here, I Can Make It Anywhere...

I am applying to become a blogger for the Web site of a Connecticut newspaper (not local, local but not big-time, either). After I sent a cover letter and sample blog entries, they forwarded the following questions. I answered them in the lofty prose, liberally sprinkled with bullshit, that one must produce in order to get anywhere in the world of words. Censoring the crap out of myself (figuratively speaking), I made sure not to include any references to poop. It's not easy being respectable. For now.

How will you come up with blog entry ideas?

I’ve been inspired with blog entry ideas in the midst of tasks that include, but are not limited to: taking a shower; feeding the baby; changing the baby; washing the baby’s clothes and, less frequently, washing the actual baby; putting the baby down for a nap and failing; putting the baby down for a nap and succeeding; and going on long scenic drives that clear my head, making room for even more blog entry ideas. You see, life is its own muse, and inspiration is everywhere, if you just know where to look.

How you will shape the content, meaning, how will you decide what to write about? How long would entries typically be? Will you use quotes? Voices of others, such as friends and relatives?

The thing about writing a blog is that life dictates what I will discuss on any given day. It’s really quite liberating. There’s a freedom in knowing that it’s the very quotidian nature of daily living that readers are logging in to read about. I want to be funny and relatable; readers want to laugh and connect.

300-500 words, on average, gives me enough room to say what I have to say, while keeping even the most cursory of readers engaged.

The voices in my head as I write are often those of my husband, parents, siblings, and friends, and they will all translate into this blog. Some stay-at-home moms say that they lack meaningful adult interaction, but those mommies aren’t me. I’ve never put much stock in the “stay at home” aspect of full-time mothering, and, in my pursuit of stimulating ways to fill days that are already proving too short, have found no lack of situations, stories and quotes with which to regale my blog readership. I’m a mother, wife, writer, friend, volunteer (et cetera, ad infinitum) with enough angles and interests to appeal to a host of demographics.

How will you sustain the content, meaning what do you plan to do to keep it fresh? Do you plan to periodically revisit items previously written about and update them in the blog?

As long as my life is fresh, my blog will be, too. And my life will be fresh. I have never been the type to sit idly by while things get boring. Luckily, having an infant means that I no longer need to go on the offensive when it comes to generating excitement. Between raising my daughter, trying to get a freelance writing career off the ground, and making sure I don’t lose my husband in the chaos, I’ve got more stories to tell than ever before.

How you will you use reader feedback? You’ll likely receive email from readers, and their comments can provide good fodder for responses in the blog.

[Note: Is it me, or did they answer their own question? What I should write in response is "I will likely receive email from readers, and their comments can provide good fodder for responses in the blog."]

Using the existing audience of [hyperlink deleted to save myself embarrasment if I'm not selected] to catch the attention of travelers on the information superhighway, I hope to draw in those Internet rubberneckers with witty, easy-to-read content that keeps them coming back for more. Once they become regular readers (and commenters), they’ll be treated like friends, with old anecdotes becoming inside jokes as a building sense of familiarity leaves them interested in what the next day’s blog will bring.

I welcome reader comments not only for the sense of camaraderie they help build, but as a way to gauge areas and levels of interest as I work to provide content that engages as many people as possible.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous Roxie Carol said...

Ouch, not even one mention of the dog. That hurts. I see how it is now. You owe me a piece of cheese.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

Good luck on the CT blog thing Binks!! I'm sure you'll get it! (I hope it is a paying position though ;) This will be great for your future, you are already building a fan base, so when you finally publish a book it will rocket to number 1!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Jene said...

yay! i'm so excited for you - this is going to be great!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Spencer said...

Can I say "I knew her before she became a famous newspaper blogger"? [I think I might put that on my tombstone.]

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I know which paper... or maybe not.. but either case it doesn't matter.

I really hope it works out!


6:54 PM  

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