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Go here to vote for the best of the best of the bloggiest of blogs in the sixth annual Weblog Awards.

Go here to marvel at the things we don't talk about and the creative ways we get the message out anyway at PostSecret.

Here's my secret:
I have dooce saved in my favorites, and I voted for Heather B. Armstrong all over the place in the Weblog Awards, but I can't actually read her stuff anymore because her talent makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Maybe writing as good as hers should give me something to aspire to; but instead it makes me feel like mediocrity personified. So I don't go there, and I keep up my own blogging as if there's a point to any of this, until, in a bout of self-esteem, I click on her site again. Arise, vile bile of jealousy.


Blogger Carrcakes said...

I go to dooce almost everday for inspiration. Your right, her talent is nauseating.

I think it's pretty awesome that irreverant moms are taking over the blogosphere. Keep up the glogging. (good blogging)

6:54 AM  
Blogger Jene said...

i had to vote for Overheard in New York when it came up as an option. :)

1:48 PM  
Anonymous clear pores said...

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5:45 PM  
Anonymous lildb said...

Um, the fact that this post is archived, and I'm commenting anyway, makes it obvious that I share your enthusiasm... although the blogger is different. Yours is dooce; mine is you. 'Cause when I read you, I feel sad. Which is to say, your writing blows. my. mind. And while I'd really like to use my words now more than ever, I get stumped knowing that I can't do yours justice. Whatever. I'm happy that there's somebody out there who can put a sentence together the way you can, even if a) it's not me and b) even though our kids are similar in age, making my excuse about having a ruined brain from the lack of sleep look pretty paltry. Ah, well. Grass is definitely greener over on your side. But at least I get to look(albeit enviously) at it. :)

Thanks for sharing your awe-inspiring talent, 8hours.

5:56 PM  

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