An Obstacle to Overcome

My husband recently saw an episode of Family Guy (a show I abhor, btw) that really seemed to strike a chord. It was one in which Stewie, the freaky baby, mocks Brian, the articulate dog, about the "progress" he's been making on his novel.

Listen to it here and then get back to me.

Okay, so my husband thinks this is so hilariously relevant on account of the fact that I am three years and three hundred pages into a big nothing of a novel myself. I like to consider myself a writer, but the irony becomes obvious when the fact that I don't actually write anything is held up for scrutiny. I think about it a lot, though. And lately I've even seen the faint glimmer of a plot in my mind's eye. One day in the car I came up with a sentence.

I'm sure that readers of this blog have already deduced that discipline and will power are not my strong suit. I'm working at a disadvantage there, but I owe it to myself, my love of books and my own talent to get off my ass and do something about it. Or, more specifically, to get on my ass. Someone famous and writerly once said that this is what you've got to do to become an author: put your ass in the chair. But just like any other aphorism, it doesn't really mean anything until you're ready to accept the message. Like someone famous and Chinese once said: when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

Well, Stewie, I think I'm ready. I feel ready, anyway--moreso than I ever have in the past (excepting seventh grade, when I came up with 30 pages of what I believe to this day would have made a fine young adult novel, had I not misplaced the notebook).

Something is definitely brewing. And for once I'm not referring to what my daughter is cooking up in her diaper.


Blogger Jene said...

This is funny on so many levels. First, I love Family Guy. Laugh non-stop when I watch it. Second, I know exactly what exchange you are talking about without listening to the audio clip just by the description you gave. Third, about a month ago Kevin watched the rerun of that episode with me and found this part hilarious and still brings it up every now and then when something comes up that he wants to mock (usually something I'm doing). So I am very amused right now. And yes, it is about time for you to write something other than this blog. :)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Spencer said...

First, I hate Family Guy too. No one watches in THIS house (at least not while I'M in the house).
Second, that baby is more than freakish. I'd like to run him over with my Jeep.
Third, I hear you! I still haven't managed to be faithful to my blog, let alone actually start my novel.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous jlc said...

It's not just writing either. Finally feeling ready and sitting on the edge of one's dream, it can be so difficult and scary to take action and so easy to avoid, avoid, avoid - by any means available.

For me, I think it has to do with an overblown fear of failure. While a dream is still out there as a dream, I can still imagine the glory of it all, without the reality of the work involved or the possibility that things might not work as I have planned.

Yet there is the inescapable yearning to pursue what we love. And as long as we do not allow it to be silenced by the busy-ness of daily life, we can use that energy to pull us forward.

I would express my thoughts about the Family Guy, but if you don't have anything nice to say . . .

11:44 AM  
Anonymous KWSplash said...

This is your best comment...

"I like to consider myself a writer, but the irony becomes obvious when the fact that I don't actually write anything is held up for scrutiny. I think about it a lot, though."

I think about working out a lot, so should I call myself athletic?

3:10 PM  

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