Them's the Brakes

I just read that Joaquin Phoenix, star of Walk The Line, had a car accident wherein his brakes stopped working, causing him to lose control of the car and hit an oncoming vehicle. Thanks to God and Johnny Cash, he walked away uninjured. Absolutely all accident analysis aside, let me say this: how freaking freaky is the idea of losing your brakes?!?! I live in fear of just such an occurance. I once mentioned this to a friend, who suggested opening the driver's side door to maximize wind resistance in the event of brake failure. Turns out he was joking, but I swear to God (and Johnny Cash) that I would try anything. Talk about feeling helpless.

I have a lot of these fears now that I have a baby to be scared for. It is a testament to my ability to sweep things under the subconcious rug that I can even get out of bed every day to face all these new demons. Though I've never been what anyone would call a worrier, I have been a tad superstitious and a bit on the paranoid side. Before my daughter came along, I'd think that the world was out to get me, but I wouldn't really care. In the Tolby era, I have to care, because nothing is really about me anymore. Now I can't go three minutes without knocking on wood or trying to banish images of car accidents or Avian Flu epidemics from my mind's eye.

On a related note, I really had to struggle to spell "brakes" correctly throughout this entry. Despite my usually impeccable spelling, my default setting for that word is "breaks." I don't know why.


Blogger Jene said...

hmm, i'm surprised that you've never used that excuse (brakes went out) in one of your previous "incidents" involving your car. :)

but seriously, i think that driving is one of the most dangerous things that you can do. i've had a series of close calls in the past few days. stupid ft. lauderdale drivers.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Jodes said...

it is pretty scary....

4:02 PM  
Blogger Spencer said...

I lost my brakes once. Not completely, but enough to make me VERY nervous. I had been in an accident...rear-ended at a slight angle. Apparently, this caused the brake line to rub against the tire causing a leak. I drove home fine, left the car in the driveway over night. The next day I was coasting down the big hill towards the highway on my way to church. I started to slow down (fortunately with lots of lead time) and found that the brakes were almost shot (fluid had leaked out overnight). By pushing the pedal to the floor, I could get the car to slow and eventually stop. I left the car at church, had it towed from there, and called for a loaner. My insurance didn't want to pay for the loaner until I was actually having the service done. They didn't believe that my brakes would be damaged in a rear-ended collision. They insisted on seeing the damaged brake line before they would pay for the rental.
Scary, but could have been much worse!!!

9:00 AM  

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