Books Are Good, MmmKay?

When I was younger, afire with the hormones of pre- and actual-pubescence, there were a lot of literary characters I found hot. Among them: Johnny Tremain, Mercutio, Benedyk, Gilbert Bly, Sodapop Curtis and, depending on my mood, Dally Winston. For the sake of discussion, I'm talking about the kind of books we read in school, not the countless and more generic young adult novels I scarfed down like the Cup O' Noodles I grabbed from the pantry every day after school. Books were my life, and for lack of any action that wasn't confined to 150+ pages of pallid paper, I took romance where I could get it. Oh, the drama and the intriuge of that cocky Johnny with the gimp hand and his star-crossed Cilla. They will get together! They won't get together! They will! They won't! Kiss me, you fool! I just could not get enough. At thirteen, the world of masculine humanity, past, present and future, was at my disposal, and I tore through those pages by the hundreds. Then, at night, I'd lay awake in bed, my nose pressed into my drool-stained pillow that somehow smelled good, and make my own fantasies inside my head. These creations were a strange blend of Shakespearian, revolutionary, Canadian and midwest, mixed with DePaolo Middle School. The glory of it was that anything was possible then; I could honestly believe that, one day, I would meet someone as dashing as Mercutio, as tragically flawed as Johnny or Dally, as darn sweet as Gilbert Bly. All I needed was to be somewhere else. To be someone else.

So I waited, and I read. Then I got some cars, an education, and several jobs. Got a life, became a wife. And it's funny, because sometimes I still bury my face in the pillow, searching for the smells of childhood and wondering where it went, the hopeful excitement of not knowing.


Blogger Mom101 said...

What's this? Literary talk? On a momblog? I love this entry (as always).

And I'd have fought you for Sodapop Curtis, but I would have settled for Heathcliff.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Jene said...

ha, we even have different tastes in fictional men. :)

i still live with that feeling of "not knowing." you're not missing much.

11:40 AM  

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