Why Good Enough Will Never Again Suffice

The absolute most fantabulous thing about my baby girl is that she loves me because she doesn't know any better. I can't get that kind of unconditional adoration from my dog, but here is 14 pounds of babbling, soft-skinned warmth that puts all its trust in me. Her blind faith makes me a better mother--maybe, one day, it can turn me into the person she thinks I am. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Jene said...

One day she is going to look back at that picture and say, I can't believe you made me wear that shirt. :)

9:08 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

I love that shirt! Abby is babbling mum all the time!

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Yeah, but she really prefers her "I love my Daddy" bib. Although that may be because of its association with food.

9:30 PM  
Blogger GIRL'S GONE CHILD said...

your daughter is beautiful!!! Too cute! More pics, please :)

1:37 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

love the shirt! She's so cute!

5:04 PM  

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