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This pop stand is closing down shop. I would like to say I'm moving up, but I fear it's more lateral than that. I am now blogging in loose association with a newspaper local to the eastern portion of my state. It is no New York Times, ladies and gentlemen. It is no Hartford Courant. But there are some suckers out there who pay for this little rag, and, with any luck, they also pay for an Internet connection. So far I am not encouraged by the statistics StatCounter.com has compiled for me, but you never know. A photographer from the paper took a really bad headshot of me that the editors plan to run in the masthead any day now, with a teaser pointing people toward their blog page. I'm praying for Sunday. Put me in, coach! Put me in!

8 Hours and the short-lived Fourth Trimester have been good to me, as have all of you. Those blogs will always hold a special place in my heart as a symbol of the new life that began for me with the birth of my daughter. But things have changed.

I am no longer the sleep-deprived new mom who sought, and found, an outlet for her creative energies. The one who, without knowing she was even in the market for one, found a network of support.

I'm more confident now. Blogging has had no small part in helping me harnass the self-assurance to take on freelance projects at which I would have balked only one year ago. Creatively and professionally, I am at the top of my game. I haven't figured out a damn thing when it comes to this whole parenthood thing, but I'm more willing (and able) than ever to write about it.

I'm not going to get any more sappy than I already have. Instead, I will implore you all to come with me to my new digs. Luckily, a change of Internet address is not akin to a real-life move--because my letter-writing inclinations are non-existent and I hate talking on the phone. Here in cyberspace, though, I will always be easily accessible. All I ask is that you put my new calling card somewhere you can easily reach it.

See you soon.

A Woman's Work is Never Done


Blogger Jene said...

OH MY GOD!!! i am so excited for you (and pissed that you didn't call me to tell me, but i guess that's the point of blogging, right?) love you girl!!!

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Yeah! I am excited, and a little emotional.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

What's this? I don't check for a day and I find you've moved!

I actually found it through looking at said paper.

Way to go Binky!

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I knew you could do it Binks. Congrats!! I hope the other project is going great too! Love you!

2:23 PM  
Blogger lildb said...

congratulations! totally deserved. :)

and, of course, I'll be stalking you at your new place. duh.

1:54 AM  
Blogger Her Bad Mother said...


(tucking new business card in pocket)

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! congrats........your writing is worth getting paid for. :)

will be linking the new site, of course!

12:11 PM  

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